As a homebuyer, it’s understand you fully understand the condition of your prospective home.

This is it. It’s the biggest purchase of your life. No matter the size or price, you’re full of excitment, but very likely, you also feel fear. Are you doing the right thing?

Whether you love old mouldings on weathered houses, or are excited by the sheen of a brand new condo, it’s best to make sure everything is in order. We’ll check the plumbing, electrical, heating and structural elements. We also look at the insulation, exterior, roof, deck, attic, and garage. We’ll tell you:

  • What needs repair now? What can wait?
  • Is the furnace in good shape?
  • What decade is the wiring from? What does that mean?
  • Has that gorgeous deck been built properly?
  • How do those structural beams in the crawl space look?
  • Will that overhang hold for another year?
  • …and much more.

A complete report with up to 100 photos to describe problems, Mose Home Inspection delivers you a report that becomes the ultimate guide to your new home.

Before you buy, it’s important you understand what you’re getting into.
A complete home inspection gives you the knowledge and confidence to know you’re making the right choice.

Request a free quote online from Mose Home Inspection Services or call: 514-426-1095

Mose Home Inspectors are members of the AIBQ: the Quebec professional association of inspectors.

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