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Costly Contamination: When Rusty Pipes and Oil Tanks Leak

On a recent home inspection, we smelled oil in the home. Inhabited by an elderly person who spent most of her time alone, she didn’t know where the smell came from. We investigated. Then, when we went around outdoors, and saw the oil pipe. It looked almost like a tree trunk! This pipe, which supplied oil to the […]

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The homebuyer checklist for couples

Inspector Ivan Mose shares his observations of couples in the process of buying a home. Through my work as a home inspector, I meet a lot of couples. They’re either buying their first home, or moving from another city, or starting a family or a new life in a new part of town. I know […]

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Best time to test for Radon? Winter. Here’s why

The best time to test for radon is during cold months, when your doors and windows are tightly closed, keeping radon trapped in your home. As the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada next to smoking, you don’t want this invisible odorless gas getting into your lungs. While radon is naturally occurring radioactive gas, […]

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Preparing for a home inspection: it’s not personal!

A seasoned real estate agent knows that a home inspector’s job is give the buyer a fair assessment of the condition of the property. Note to seller: it’s not personal! So, as a seller, don’t take everything the inspector says personally. Every home needs a little maintenance and repairs, and your home is probably not […]

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What’s that awful smell? How to wipe it out from your new or pre-sale home

Bob the ozone cleaning expert explains how You want to buy that house because it looks good, has all the amenities you want, it’s close to the right school, and would give him his own man cave… that house has it all, but boy! Does it ever smell awful. -Or, perhaps you are selling your […]

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«Déceler» les vices cachés de l’égout et du drain

Vous ne comprenez pas pourquoi votre drain est bloqué? Trouvez-vous soudain une marre d’eau au beau milieu de votre cour, sans savoir d’où elle vient? Êtes-vous sur le point d’acheter une nouvelle maison ou de vendre la vôtre et voulez-vous vous assurer du bon fonctionnement des drains et des tuyaux d’égout? Alors, appelez Richard Paquette. […]

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7% of Canadian homes contain radon. Does yours?

Next to smoking, it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer. -You don’t want it in your home. The results from a two-year study conducted by Health Canada’s National Radon Program indicate that 6.9% of Canadians are living in homes with radon levels above the current radon guideline level, and there are no homes in […]

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Is your garage fuming? Keep noxious gases out of your home

While you and your family cocoon in the family room just off the garage, or sleep snugly in a bedroom right over it, you may all be breathing in varying amounts of noxious fumes emanating from the garage. -And with our long Canadian winters with windows shut and sealed, you could be exposed for several […]

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Outside the mortician’s lab: formaldehyde

When most people hear “formaldehyde”, they think biology-lab frogs and funeral-home corpses. But there are other sources of formaldehyde in a typical home. While its odour may be unmistakable its own, it is less distinctive when mixed in with the bonders found in plywood, particleboard, carpets and fabrics, as is often the case. Extensive reviews […]

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Cottage Closing Guide

Cottage Closing Guide

It’s that time of year. The leaves will soon turn red and gold, and the cottage will need to be properly closed up for winter. It’s always good to have a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything. We’ve compiled a list of what we consider the most important cottage closing tasks, organized by area. […]

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