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Big tree? Big Problems. Clay Drain to Blame.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. –Aristotle Buying that old pre-1970’s house with the beautiful big tree in the front yard? Idyllic, isn’t it? Add a beautiful stone path, some shrubs, perhaps a screen porch, some flowerbeds and a fountain. But what lies beneath? What might you find in the […]

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The 5 Minute Sump Pump Test Every Homeowner Should Know

Tulips still underground? Can’t smell the crocuses yet? Good! Because you want to make sure your sump pump works before spring showers are in full flood! This is a good week to check your sump pump. It’ll only take 5 minutes, and if there’s any problem, you’ll prevent water damage or floods during the rainy […]

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Sewer Odours in Your House? Get the P Trap Fundamentals

It’s mind baffling. When that smell starts to come into your home, and you’re looking for the unflushed toilet, or the doggie accident, or the poopy diaper you may have forgotten, and you just can’t figure it out… Where is that smell coming from? Often, this means your home has a sewer drainage and/or ventilation […]

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Power Outage Survival Guide: draining the pipes

Your first thoughts during a winter power outage might be to check for a flashlight and candles, winter sleeping bags, where the takeout menus are and how you’re going to keep you cell phone working. -But you also might be wondering, is there something you need to do to protect your home? Aside from the […]

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«Déceler» les vices cachés de l’égout et du drain

Vous ne comprenez pas pourquoi votre drain est bloqué? Trouvez-vous soudain une marre d’eau au beau milieu de votre cour, sans savoir d’où elle vient? Êtes-vous sur le point d’acheter une nouvelle maison ou de vendre la vôtre et voulez-vous vous assurer du bon fonctionnement des drains et des tuyaux d’égout? Alors, appelez Richard Paquette. […]

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Hidden defects are often down the sewer and drain

Hidden defects are often down the sewer and drain

Can’t figure out why your drain is backing up? Is there a massive pool forming in the middle of your front yard, for no apparent reason? Are you buying or selling a new home, and want to be sure the drains and sewer pipes are in good condition? Meet Richard Paquette. He’s a drain and […]

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