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Effective Ventilation System Maintenance Stops Ice Damming

Without a working ventilation system on your roof, your home could thaw out snow and ice on the roof, turning it to water. The water pools, then freezes and melts again causing roof damage and leaks. – And for home owners who haven’t done regular maintenance on their roof, that means water damage from ice damming! After […]

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Removing Ice from your Roof

Deep freeze at -26 celcius. Next day, a balmy 2 degrees and everthing melts. Then it rains. Then freeze again. What’s a homeowner to do? Be prepared. Freezing and melting water can be your home’s biggest enemy. Ice, especially, can cause a lot of damage. Fact is, removing thick ice from a roof is difficult – […]

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Time to clear the roof drain!

A rooftop pool is a nice idea, but this Montreal building ended up with more water than a roof needs during the late-springtime rains. Don’t forget to clear your roof drain frequently!  

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60 feet and rising: roof check

Our inspector is almost at the top. A sixty-foot roof inspection? He’s not even all the way up yet… The potential homebuyer watches closely.

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