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Increased VOC Emissions from Attached Garage in Summer

We have a summer project for you: remove gasoline, solvents, pesticides and toxic cleaning products from your indoor garage (or worse, basement) and put them in a shed away from the building. Chemical emissions from your attached garage could be harming your health. A scientific study published in the Environmental Research Journal showed that nearly all […]

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Spring Cleaning Time! Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Correctly

Pesticides, Coolant, paint thinners, chlorine, used oil, bleach, propane tanks, oven cleaners and aerosol cans are all hazardous waste that don’t belong in your home; and they need to be disposed of properly. There are corrosive, flammable, explosive and poisonous substances contained in many household products. They are dangerous to you, your family, the garbage […]

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Montreal Ecocenters: clean up & give your junk a second life

Looking at that pile of old clothes or even old furniture, thinking about what you should do with it? You’ve got useful junk, but you don’t use it. It’s hard to throw things away when you know they could still be useful at some point, to someone. -But if you want to de-clutter, and you haven’t […]

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Is your garage fuming? Keep noxious gases out of your home

While you and your family cocoon in the family room just off the garage, or sleep snugly in a bedroom right over it, you may all be breathing in varying amounts of noxious fumes emanating from the garage. -And with our long Canadian winters with windows shut and sealed, you could be exposed for several […]

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Outside the mortician’s lab: formaldehyde

When most people hear “formaldehyde”, they think biology-lab frogs and funeral-home corpses. But there are other sources of formaldehyde in a typical home. While its odour may be unmistakable its own, it is less distinctive when mixed in with the bonders found in plywood, particleboard, carpets and fabrics, as is often the case. Extensive reviews […]

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Portes de garage: à manipuler avec soin

Dans le fameux épisode 1613 de la série The Simpsons, Homer manque de se faire tuer par une porte de garage qui n’arrête pas de s’ouvrir et de se fermer, mais il est sauvé par Lisa qui pratique la respiration artificielle tandis que Bart lui masse le cœur. À la suite de cet événement, Marge lui […]

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