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Half a million holiday lights, oh my!

Light up the night for the holidays, it makes everybody feel the holiday cheer! Some folks take outdoor holiday decorating very seriously: take the Forrest couple and their kids. David and Janean Richards  and their 3 kids have strung up enough lights to break the Guiness book of world records clocking in at 502,165 flashing […]

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Gifts for Homeowners that keep on giving

Welcome home! Yes, the welcome mat is definitely at the top of every new homeowner’s wish list, and maybe a plunger and a keychain, but wait! Have you considered you might need to maintain that home? A little DIY is always in the cards when you own your own home – not to mention, hanging […]

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Fixing a Drippy Window Mount Air Conditioner

Today, central air conditioning is common in most modern homes. – But in urban centres, we often still see the drippy window units. Why do they drip? Why are they so noisy? They are supposed to drip as humidity leaves the building! The reason air conditioners drip is because they work in part by extracting moisture from the home through a […]

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A Cinderblock Story – the tale of a crumbling cement wall (Part 2/3)

This story starts with a crumbling cement wall. See A Cinderblock Story Part 1/3 I begin to explore my options to fix this problem, and call in the experts. Each has a convincing story. I’m not sure who to commit to. Here are the 3 eligible contractors I’m presented with: OPTION I: The Prince of Parge […]

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Power Outage Survival Guide: draining the pipes

Your first thoughts during a winter power outage might be to check for a flashlight and candles, winter sleeping bags, where the takeout menus are and how you’re going to keep you cell phone working. -But you also might be wondering, is there something you need to do to protect your home? Aside from the […]

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12 Days of Home Holiday Maintenance

On the first day of holidays my true love fixed for me: A cracked flu pipe in the chim-i-ney! On the second day of holidays my true love fixed for me: Two burnt out light bulbs, And a cracked flu pipe in the chim-i-ney! On the third day of holidays my true love fixed for […]

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Top Relationship Enhancing Features of a Home

What features of a home are most likely to enhance a couple’s relationship? This is the question Trulia asked 1,200 American couples – currently married or living together. This infographic shows us that a bedroom big enough for a king sized bed, lots of storage space, an island in the kitchen and some bright and […]

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May is Electrical Safety Month

Each year, electrical failures are the cause of 43,900 home fires, resulting in 438 deaths, 1,430 injuries and $1.47 billion in property damage.  While electrical hazards threaten the public at large, certain populations experience risks that are significantly higher than that of the general population.  Our youngest and oldest populations are exceptionally vulnerable.  Since 1999, […]

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Montreal Staircases: A History and Maintenance Tips

One of the most familiar and loved icons of our beautiful city is the outdoor staircase. Winding or straight, scarily steep or sensibly sloped, they line Montreal streets from east to west. In summer, they’re a place to hang out with friends in the evening; in winter, sweeping the snow off them is a good […]

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No Signal? Wifi and your new home

When inspecting a home, one of the things your home inspector will do is a visual inspection of the electrical wiring, answering questions such as Is the electrical system extensive enough for the home? What is the capacity and condition of the electrical system? The inspector will open and examine the electrical system panel. But […]

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